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  • 글자 확대
  • 글자 축소

Tribal States period

  • During the tribal states period, Geochang region was called Gosoonshiguk or Geotah, Dongbu was Gaso and Seobukbu was called Yeomnae or Namnae.
  • Naeo-ri DolmenNaeo-ri Dolmen
  • Gaji-ri DolmenGaji-ri Dolmen
  • Sangma DolmenSangma Dolmen


Early Silla period
Geochang was called Geotah or Geoyeol
In the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok's reign, the name Geochang-gun was used and the regions Gaso and Namnae were renamed Hameum-hyeon and Yeoseon-hyeon respectively and incorporated into Geochang-gun.
  • Standing Stone Buddha in Yangpyeong-riStanding Stone Buddha in Yangpyeong-ri
  • Standing Stone Buddha in Nongsan-ri, GeochangStanding Stone Buddha in Nongsan-ri, Geochang
  • Seated Stone Buddha in Songnim Temple siteSeated Stone Buddha in Songnim Temple site

Goryeo Dynasty period

In the 23rd year of King Taejo's reign, Yeoseon-hyeon and Hameum-hyeon were renamed Gameum-hyeon and Gaso-hyeon respectively.
In the 9th year of King Hyeonjong's reign, Hapcheon was elevated to Hapjoo and 12 hyeons including Geochang, Gaso, Gameum, Samga and Yian were incorporated into Hapjoo.
  • Standing Stone Bodhisattva of Mercy in Sangnim-riStanding Stone Bodhisattva of Mercy in Sangnim-ri
  • Mural Tomb in Dooma-riMural Tomb in Dooma-ri
  • Gogyeon TempleGogyeon Temple

Joseon Dynasty period

In the 14th year of King Taejong's reign, Geochang and Geojae of Gaso Province were merged together to be called as Jaechang-hyeon.
During the early years of King Yeonsan's reign, Geochang which was the birthplace of the Yeonsan's consort Shin's first ancestor, was elevated to Geochang-gun.
In 1506 during King Jungjong's reign, due to dethronement of Queen Dangyeong of Geochang Shin Clan, it was demoted to Geochang-hyeon.
In the 15th year of King Yeongjo's reign, with the restoration of Queen Dangyeong, Geochang-bu.
In the 32nd year of King Gojong's reign, Geochang-bu was renamed to Geochang-gun.
Mari, Wicheon and Buksang of Anui-gun and Shinwon-myeon of Samga-gun were incorporated into Geochang-gun.
  • Geochang HyanggyoGeochang Hyanggyo
  • Pyochoong TemplePyochoong Temple
  • Woodblock Collection of Gyowoo's WorksWoodblock Collection of Gyowoo's Works

Republic of Korea

Geochang-myeon was elevated to Geochang-eup
Wolcheon-myeon was incorporated into Geochang-eup
Jinmok-ri, Chunjeon-ri, Anui-myeon of Hamyang-gun were incorporated into Namsang-myeon.
Geochang is comprised of 1 eup (Geochang-eup) and 11 myeons (Jusang, Woongyang, Gojae, Buksang, Wicheon, Mari, Namsang, Namha, Shinwon, Gajo, Gabuk).
View of Geochang-gun View of Geochang-gun